Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not Much Could Have Happened. Right?

Well, it has been months and months since my last post. In that time, we have had: 1. Brooks' 2nd birthday 2. Another baby! Gracen Margaret 3. Isabella started pre k4 and tested into the gateway (gifted) preschool in Shreveport 4. Isabella's 4th birthday and all the holidays! The kids have changed so much! I will post some pics soon. Life with three kids doesn't seem that crazy, but it will be 5:00 pm and I will look up and wonder where the day has gone. The biggest thing we have been dealing with lately is school. Wondering where to send Brooks for pre school and get Bella ready to test for kindergarten. Yes, I said test. They have magnet schools here in Shreveport and the pressure that puts on these poor little things is ridiculous! She took her test on Thursday and we will find out on April 15th if she got in. I never thought I would have to deal with this kind of thing so soon. Very stressful! I promise to post pics this week!

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