Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snow Day

So Shreveport actually had a SNOW DAY! Unfortunately, it was on a day where Ben had to go to work so the kids were stuck with me. By the time Daddy got home, there was not enough snow to make a snow man.

Mommy's dinky snow woman. My hands got cold so I couldn't make her any bigger.
Feeling the snow
Yeah for snow! They both loved it.
Bella was the first one out.
The front of the house
Brooks crawling in the snow
Both trying to get up out of the snow. They had on PJ's plus jeans and a couple of jackets. You don't usually have to prepare for snow in Shreveport.
Bella's snow angle
Brooks not wanting to so a snow angle
Bella kicking mammy's snow woman
Are these not the most kissable cheeks you have ever seen!!!!
Tasting the snow
munching on the snow
My Beautiful Bella!
I think she was being a snow leopard.

This was our fun day in the snow!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hangin' with Dad!

The kids love their daddy so much they asked me to post a couple of pics of them with him.
Brooks feeding himself Chick-fil-A
Brooks feeding daddy Chick-fil-A
Isabella has started falling asleep on her daddy a couple times a month...
I think he LOVES it!!