Monday, January 11, 2010

November: Thanksgiving with my parents!

Our sweet little Pilgrim and Indian. My parents were able to come in and spend Thanksgiving with us. It is always so fun getting to spend time with them.
We went to the park to play. Brooks has become a little dare devil! He has no problem going down the slide head first!
Grandaddy pushed the kids in the swing forever! We got some really good pictures.

November: ChristGiving

We went to Branson, MO for a week to have Thanksgiving/Christmas with the Carothers. The pics that follow are some of the fun things we did while we were there.

Norah Kate (NO Kate is what Isabella would call her) the cutest little panda I have ever seen!
We went to see Christmas lights. We let the older kids get in the back with Ron and Margie so they could see the lights better.
Ben was our driver. There was another light display that Isabella really wanted to go to but it $40 per person or something crazy like that. But if you hear her tell the story now she says I wanted to see the purple light tower but it was expensive. Like 40 thousand dollars! :)
Brooks and Mommy in the front seat.
Jonathan made these awesome wood figures to represent the Nativity Story. We had a lot of fun painting them.
Uncle David and Brooks watching Cars for the 10th time. Aiden eating a popsicle. Yes, it was cold there!
The kids painting the angels for the Nativity.
The car ride to Branson. TIGHT FIT!


I really have been trying to update this blog forever, but the pictures always took so long to download. I seriously thought about just deleting the whole account. Here is what happened with BKIB in October.
Ben Went to Chile. He had a wonderful time. He went with some really great people. From L to R: Keith, Ben, Beth and Beth. There was another man Keith, but he came a day later.
We celebrated Halloween. Isabella was a Beautiful Giant Pumpkin. My mom bought her a Tinker Bell outfit, but it was too cold.
Brooks was a Sweet Chunky Monkey. Shown above with the Man in the Yellow Hat. Brooks did not love him the way Curious George does!
Ben had his 34th Birthday! The kids got him framed pictures of themselves for his office.
I totally could have picked a better picture of Brooks. However, Ben looked HOT in all the pics I took of him that night!

November to come!