Monday, February 22, 2010

Christmas 09

We went to Germantown, Tn to celebrate Christmas with my family. All of Isabella's gifts have "bells" on them and Brooks' have "candy canes". Thats how they can tell their gifts apart.
Brooks and Daddy having a moment. Brooks wanting to eat one of his fake candy canes.
The family on Christmas morning. Isabella slept in her bow which is why she has one in her hair so early.
Opening her camera from Grandaddy.

So it's amazing how things have changed over the years. My mom always takes a picture of us coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. When I was little, the pictures were of me with a big smile and almost running down the stairs. As I got older, there was a smile, but my eyes were closed because the morning had come a little too early. Now...
Here is Brooks coming down Christmas morning. My picture (which is not shown) is me carrying Brooks down because he wouldn't go any farther than he is in the pic.
Bella was happy to get down stairs, but the best is Ben (not shown). His picture is him carrying a wet diaper down the stairs. Oh the joys of parenthood!!!!
Sneaky Pete and Sneaky Suzy with Grandaddy. It's a game that they play and the kids love it!
Bella and Brooks with Grandmommy. Mom had the awesome PJ's made for all the girls. They had our first initial on the shirt and the letter matched our pants.
Kristopher and Sara. They will be married on May 7th in Saeside, FL.
This was Ben trying to get Isabella off to bed. As you can see, it's not what she had in mind. She through a nice little fit!
Brooks on his new bike.
Bella on her new motorized bike.
My sweet little snow children saying "cheese". I'm trying to teach Brooks how to show his teeth.