Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not Much Could Have Happened. Right?

Well, it has been months and months since my last post. In that time, we have had: 1. Brooks' 2nd birthday 2. Another baby! Gracen Margaret 3. Isabella started pre k4 and tested into the gateway (gifted) preschool in Shreveport 4. Isabella's 4th birthday and all the holidays! The kids have changed so much! I will post some pics soon. Life with three kids doesn't seem that crazy, but it will be 5:00 pm and I will look up and wonder where the day has gone. The biggest thing we have been dealing with lately is school. Wondering where to send Brooks for pre school and get Bella ready to test for kindergarten. Yes, I said test. They have magnet schools here in Shreveport and the pressure that puts on these poor little things is ridiculous! She took her test on Thursday and we will find out on April 15th if she got in. I never thought I would have to deal with this kind of thing so soon. Very stressful! I promise to post pics this week!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Isabella's Dance Recital

Isabella took dance (ballet) lessons for the first time this year. She really picked up on the moves quickly and was one of the best dancers in her class. Her favorite thing she learned was how to skip. I have to say, she is the best skipper I've ever seen!:)

Some Pictures Of Our Sweet Little Lion.

Here is a video of her dance. This is for Grammy, Daddy Ron, and anyone else who didn't get to see it. Hope you enjoy! She is the fourth little lion to crawl out.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Kristopher got Married!

Well, we never thought this day would come, but Kristopher got married! He had a beautiful wedding in Seaside, FL. He married a beautiful girl Sara! We love her and welcome her to our family! All of these pics are out of order, but I will tell you what they are from.

The most handsome Ring Bearer Ever!!!!!
Brooks and Ben with happy cheesy faces at the reception
Groom and Mother of the Groom Dance "These are the words I would say"
Brooks and Bella having a blast dancing
Bubbles at the reception
Beautiful Bride and Groom's first dance "Sara's eyes"
Great pic of my baby boy.
My big girl dancing with her Grandaddy
Brooks and Mommy dancing
Dad and Kristopher walking my mom to her seat
Such a happy and handsome groom!
Beautiful Flower Girl
Handsome Ring Bearer
Bubbles at the reception
Grandmommy and Grandaddy with the kids at the rehearsal dinner
Ben and Kristen at R D
The family
Daddy and Brooks
Is she not the most beautiful flower girl you have ever seen?
Daddy and the kids walking on the beach
Bella building a sandcastle

The candy table at R D
Starfish cookies I made
Walking to the beach
Walking to the beach, Ben was pushing his tummy out to match mine
Two peas in a pod
Me and my Mommy
Watch out Brooks, that cold water will get you!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We have a climber, Easter, Peanut Butter Face, Running with Dad and Reading with Dad

With baby girl Carothers arriving in a few months, Brooks will be moving to a toddler bed. I didn't want to move him until he was ready and I think he is! Who would have thought that he could get that chunky thigh up that high!

EASTER! Our neighborhood puts on a really great Easter Egg Hunt. There are so many things to do and fun games to play. Isabella found one of four GOLDEN eggs and won a choc. bunny the size of Brooks. This Easter was extra special because Isabella is really beginning to understand the sacrifice God made for all of us. I think we went through the Resurrection Eggs with her about 10 times. She is such a special little girl and it is amazing to see her spiritual growth!

Brooks and Bella with Grandmommy and Grandaddy
Family pic. with a real bunny.

The kids found lots of eggs...and I got stuck holding the baskets!
Isabella and her BIG bunny!
Family pic. on Easter Sunday. You can see my baby bump!!!!

SO...Brooks feeds himself every meal. Usually he does a really good job and sometimes we have days like this.
Look mom...NO HANDS!
What? You said I have peanut butter on my face?
Oh yeah!! I'm saving it for later!!

Ben has been waiting for Bella to get big enough to fit in real running gear. She is still so petite, but we bought her a little outfit anyway. We just pulled the draw string really really tight!
Bella and Ben running to the park
We love this pic!
Like father like daughter
She felt so sassy in her running gear. She couldn't stop jumping around.

Nothing like a good read with dad!! Notice all three have a farmers tan :)